Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The primary concern of the company is to quote the terms that govern the rights and obligations of to all of you who will visit their websites and to inform you of your rights and obligations and your best service in search and purchase the products you wish to buy from the store.
The company, with the main goal of serving its customers, makes every effort to ensure that customers are happy. Online shopping is now a simple process, always with the sufficiency of the company’s stocks.
The company aims at the customer’s immediate service and satisfaction, with the continuous responsibility he exhibits throughout the course of his business development, and the cultivation of trust.
The user of the website acknowledges that he has read these terms, agrees with them and undertakes to observe them.
Our duty is for the client to be secure and always up to date. That is why he must be aware of the following:


PAOK BC STORE places the security of your personal data as the first priority. For this reason, we manage your personal data with care, prudence and in accordance with National and European Legislation as defined by Law 2472/1997 and Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR).
By visiting you accept the practices described in this Privacy Notice. With this, the users explicitly consent to the collection and processing of their personal information, they may call or modify it at any time.
We reserve the right to change the terms of protection of personal data in accordance with the applicable regulatory framework. Please,  periodically check these terms for any changes, as your continued involvement in our services implies acceptance of any possible modifications.

The collection and management of user’s personal data by PAOK BC STORE, are subject to the following terms as well as to national, community and international law on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data as applicable.
Which information are considered as personal data?
Personal data is the data that can be used to identify or communicate with a person.

In order to offer you better services and facilitate your purchases with products suggestions that suit you, we collect personal information upon your explicit consent and after you have been fully aware of your rights as provided for in Articles 11, 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997 and corresponding provisions of GDPR Regulation 679/2016.
Purpose of collecting personal information

PAOK BC STORE, collects, retains and processes personal data only when the users themselves voluntarily provide for the following purposes:

1. To communicate with users or to provide its services (sending products and promotional material)
2. Product promotion
3. For the provision of customer services (offers, informative emails)
4. To inform users of promotional offers and tenders
5. To inform users of new products
6. To inform users of various events taking place or organized by PAOK BC STORE
7. To offer personalized experience on our sites
8. Information from users about the experience of using the site, with a view to continuously improving it
9. any research related to its purpose and statistical analysis
10. To communicate, resolve disputes, or collect amounts owed, if necessary, or encounter a problem with the account

To serve the above purposes, we may contact you by email, by telephone, or via SMS.

From where are your personal data collected?

The provision of all personal information is voluntary, but also necessary for the use of our services, such as the bidding or purchase information required to enter into a transaction.
We collect personall information on your choice, either directly from you or from any devices (including mobile devices) you use when:

  • use our services
  • register as a user of the online store
  • submit an order via the web submission form, by phone or email
  • subscribe to the newsletter subscriber list
  • provide us with information related to you in the communication forms of the website
  • update or add information to your account
  • submit an evaluation of a product or service

Personal data we collect

What kind of personal data do you give us when you use our services or create an account on our website?

The personal data that are collected by PAOK BC STORE, are depended on the service you use on our website and may be:
1. Personal data such as name, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses when you sign up for an account, place an order or question in a contact form on our website
2. Account details related to your account, such as adding products to your cart, recently viewed products, or your wish list
3. In some cases you may provide age, gender, interests and favorites
4. Tax information (company name, professional activity, VAT number, VAT number, bank account number)
5. IP address

Personal data we collect using cookies

We use cookies to collect information about the pages you visit, links you click and other actions you make when using our services. For more information on using these technologies and how to control them, see the list of cookies we collect.
If you do not want to participate in your ad customization programs, you can opt out by following the instructions provided by each browser. The effect of the exception will be to stop personalized advertising, but it is still permitted to collect personal data as described in this privacy notice. We do not allow third parties to monitor or collect your personal data from our site for their own advertising purposes without your consent.
What does the user have in his / her personal data?
We respect your right to access, correct, request removal or request a limitation on the use of your personal data as required by applicable law 2472/1997 and GDPR Regulation 679/2016. We also took steps to ensure that the personal data we collect is accurate and up-to-date.
You have the right to know which personal data we hold for you as well as to request the portability of your data. We will provide you with a copy of your personal data in a structured, widely used and readable form at your request.
If your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to modify it yourself if you are a registered user, or request modification of these.

You may be required to delete or restrict the way we use your personal data, but this right is determined by applicable law and may affect your access to certain services.
You have the right to request that you limit the processing of your personal data and to oppose the processing of them.
Upon your request, we will close your account and remove your personal data as soon as possible, in accordance with applicable national laws.
The period of completion of each request is 30 days and there may be an extension of this request, after you have been informed.

Edit of personal data on the website of PAOK BC STORE.
You can edit your personal data in 4 different ways:
1. You can delete your personal data at any time.
2. You can edit your personal data at any time.
3. You may request the portability of your personal data at any time.
4. You may be required to limit the processing of your personal data at any time.
How long do we keep your personal data?
We keep your personal data according to the needs and technological equipment of the company that ensure its proper and proper operation. Upon request and upon request of you, we will safely delete your personal data from our database, in accordance with our data retention policies and deletions.

How do we protect your personal data?

We protect your personal data by using security measures to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and modification of your personal data.

Protect the security of your data during your transactions by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you enter. For more information on maintaining security when shopping online, visit the Transaction Security section.

Partners of PAOK BC STORE

PAOK BC STORE may share certain personal data with third parties to facilitate marketing, advertising and communication activities. The partners of PAOK BC STORE and their respective privacy policies are:
Google – Personalized and Remarketing Data.
Facebook – Personalized and repeat marketing.
Instagram – Features for personalized and remarketing.
PAOK BC STORE expressly states that it will not sell or otherwise transmit or disclose personal data of users to third parties not related to the company without the consent of the users for reasons that are not in accordance with the purposes of the company or not mentioned above.
Your personal data may be communicated to judicial and police authorities upon a legitimate request, in accordance with National and European Law.
Right of termination
According to Law 2472/1997 and Regulation no. 679/2016, you have the right, if you believe that your privacy rights are violated, to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority or any other competent supervisory authority.
Who is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data?
For the exercise of your rights, you can contact with the responsible for collecting and protecting the above data for PAOK BC STORE.

Right of denouncement

According to Law 2472/1997 and Regulation no. 679/2016, you have the right, if you believe that your privacy rights are violated, to file a complaint in the Personal Data Protection Authority or any other competent supervisory authority.

Who is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data?
For the exercise of your rights, you can contact the controller, collection and protection of the above data for PAOK BC STORE.


Photographers of original works of the spirit according to clause 2 § 1 of the Berne-Paris International Convention, Article 2 § 1 of Law 2121/1993, as it currently stand and of Directive 93/98 EC, have agreed to transfer to the respective company (PAOK BC STORE), in accordance with Article 32 § 2 of Law 2121/93, the right of ownership and all their powers in respect of each photograph that they will create and have accepted that the respective company (PAOK BC STORE) will have full exploitation of these works without restriction as well as the rights to modify, reproduce, integrate and multiply for its entire duration (Article 9 of the WIPO Copyright Treaty that has been ratified from Greece with Law No. 3184/2003 – FEKA’228/26.09.2003, 12 of the TRIPS Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights in the Commercial Sector, ratified by Greece under Law 2290/1995 [FEK A’ 28] and and Article 6 of Directive 93/98.


The properties of the selling products are available and you can access them by searching the name of the respective product.


All the prices are referred  to products that are available through PAOK BC STORE include 24% VAT and do not include shipping or delivery charges. These prices refer to products and quantities, provided they are available and adequate, while PAOK BC STORE reserves the right to change the prices of the selling products without prior notice.


The placing of an order through the e-shop constitutes the conclusion of a distance selling contract regulated by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as amended. It is a binding proposal to purchase these products in the total price quoted on the order, including VAT, packing and shipping costs, other applicable charges and any discounts you are eligible to pay as a visitor / customer.

You have the ability to make a valid order through the e-shop, if you are legally qualified according to Greek Civil Code articles (if you have reached your eighteenth year of age and you have no legal assistance in concluding a sales contract). Orders can be made by representatives of legal entities while the company reserves the right to claim from the supervisor or guardian any orders placed by legally incapacitated persons.

Your order is completed by accepting it from PAOK BC STORE by sending a confirmation email to you at the email address you provided when submitting your order. If you do not receive a confirmation message for your order, please contact PAOK BC STORE at to request the successful completion of your order.

For any order cancellation (in whole or in part), you should send an e-mail to This feature is strictly for you one hour after you place your order. After this time, it is not possible to cancel and you can now return and change your order once you have received it.


PAOK BC STORE, with the purpose of facilitating transactions and your immediate service, provides all of the following payment options:


PAOK BC STORE reserves the right to renew and modify the terms of the transactions, subject to prior notice and effective from the date of their posting to the online store. Failure to exercise any right of PAOK BC STORE can not be construed as a waiver of that right.

These terms are fully compatible with applicable European and Greek law, while users recognize the Company’s right to alter these terms, so far as they do not relate to binding legal obligations and without affecting faulty situations.

If for reasons of force majeure (natural disasters, weather, strikes, etc.) it is not possible to deliver the products you have ordered, we will inform you in time by phone or e-mail to see if you want to send you the order. PAOK BC STORE bears no responsibility for any situation outside of its own fault and will do whatever is humanly possible for your best service.


The allows its users to choose their information about new products available on the market and any other offers, payment arrangements etc. by sending advertising or newsletters to their email or postal address or by phone. The will not misuse the above service. Users are always given the opportunity to stop receiving promotional messages.

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